W.A.T.T Umhlanga Rocks Indemnity. This indemnity applies to persons participating at W.A.T.T Umhlanga Rocks studio or events arrange by W.A.T.T Umhlanga Rocks and their agents. This indemnifies these above organisations and/or its employees, members, agents and other office bearers in terms set out below.

I/We, the undersigned person/s here by indemnify the above-mentioned organisations and/or it’s employees, members, agents and representatives against any claim of whatsoever in nature I/We may have, and whether or not arising from any negligence on their part, resulting from any accidents injury, damage or loss sustained as a result of participating in training or events arranged by the said above organisations.

I/We, acknowledge that I/We, have freely and voluntarily elected to participate in this training/event entirely at my own risk and subject to the indemnity set out above. I/We, acknowledge that by supplying an email address/postal address I/We consent to receiving periodic information from the above-mentioned organizations. We do not sell or give away this information. Furthermore, W.A.T.T Umhlanga Rocks studio reserve the right of admission.